Western Titans BMX Race Club Rider and Parent/Carer Checklist COVID-19

The following is a brief checklist before you come to a 17 and unders club session:

  • Riders please arrive 10 minutes before the session starts for coaches briefing at Riders Gazebo.
  • Make sure you bring all your own equipment. This includes bike, helmet, gloves as we are unable to hire out any equipment. The same rules apply regarding full length trousers and tops, preferably race material.
  • Bring everything you need into the track at the beginning, there will be a Riders only Gazebo within the track.
  • All additional equipment such as water bottles, snacks, inhalers, face masks must be kept in a bag when not in use. Bags must be kept in the Riders Gazebo. Face Masks are required for riders if First Aid is being administered. Water bottles must have riders name on it before arriving. No drinks or snacks to be shared.
  • Only Riders, coaches, first aid and official volunteers will be allowed on track. All parents/carers must stay outside unless specifically given permission to enter.
  • Parents will bring riders to the entrance ensuring social distancing of 2 metres at all times.
  • The railway carpark will be the preferred parking area and is the nearest point of entry and exit for riders.
  • Once within the track session, riders can adhere to the following rules: Children aged 11 years and younger are not required to physically distance, as set out in Scottish Government guidance. This extends to organised sports activity and the field of play. For older children aged 12-17 a ‘field of play bubble’ can be created during organised sports activity that allows contact whilst the activity is taking place, in effect suspending physical distancing guidelines for the duration of the activity. Normal physical distancing guidelines will however apply before and after the activity takes place.

  • Please bring your own hand sanitiser, face masks/coverings. The club will have these however these will be placed in the Rider and Volunteer area, and parents/carers will not have access to these areas unless specifically authorised.

Thank you for helping to keep everyone safe.