Social Media Guidelines

  • Please remember lockdown and COVID19 has been a very difficult time for all. Please be aware of others and look after each other.

• Make the most of it- it is a great way to communicate and share club/coaching info

• Club specific profile pages- encourage all club members to join this page and openly share appropriate information only as part of the group. No private discussions should take place particularly between an adult at the club and a young rider.

• Be responsible- lead by example; act as an ambassador for the club and cycling

• Not all information is for sharing- this should only be cycling/club information. Nothing personal, private or inappropriate. Photos and videos may be fine, but only where parents and carers have specifically consented to this.

• Consider other users- will the posting cause offence? Is it appropriate for everyone who is on the site. A moderator should be appointed- they should be CRB/PVG checked

• Not everyone should be your friend- Coaches and others in a position of trust/ responsibility should not accept friend requests from or communicate with the riders they coach on their personal profiles. Consider your security/privacy settings

• Take action- Misuse, bullying or abuse should be reported to the CWO or other club official. Misuse may contravene codes of conduct and be subject to disciplinary action

• Sensible use- Communications should only contain basic and relevant information, copying in a third party to promote transparency (posts to be checked if in doubt by moderator) , thinking before posting and removal of inappropriate content

• Parents/carers should be aware that their children will be using this media

Guidance regarding Social Media

Everyone is entitled to their opinions and own form of humour but please do not post anything which could be perceived as offensive or derogatory under the banner of The Western Titans BMX Race Club on Facebook groups os pages. This particularly includes material which is homophobic, sexist, racist, overly sexual in nature or which is derogatory towards people with disabilities. Apart from this being unkind or just not funny, it’s in direct violation of the Equality Act.

The common sense recommendation regarding social media is to seriously think twice before hitting post.