EGM 2 Mar 24

Western Titans BMX Club will be holding an Emergency General Meeting on Saturday 2 March 2024 at 12:00 at our Track.

The meeting will be to allow us to vote in a new Chairperson.

If you would be willing to step up and be the club chairperson can you please contact a member of the committee.

The agenda will be published on this page shortly.



AGM 10 October 2023

Annual General Meeting of Western Titans BMX

The AGM started at 18:06 on 10 October 2023 in the meeting room at Glasgow BMX Centre.


Present: Emma Scullion, Warren Bell, Harrison Bell, Donna, Karen Johnson, Stevie Nimmo, Amelia Collins-Nimmo

Apologies: Jenny, Claire, Craig, Kenny

  1. The first order of business was voting for committee members:
  2. Fred nominated Emma as Chairperson, this was seconded by Warren and unanimously voted for by all present.
  3. Fred nominated Warren as Vice Chair,  this was seconded by Emma and unanimously voted for by all present.
  4. Fred nominated Donna as Treasurer, this was seconded by Warren and unanimously voted for by all present.
  5. Warren nominated Fred as Secretrary, this was seconded by Emma and unanimously voted for by all present.
  6. Fred nominated Karen as Club Welfare Officer, this was seconded by Emma and unanimously voted for by all present.
  7. The second order of buisness was club membership, Fred proposed that we keep the costs the same as 2023 and this was unanimously agreed by all present.  Karen would look into getting membership cards for club members. Fred agreed to update the club membership pages, so that members could buy 2024 membership now.
  8. Track Lighting Emma explained the steps that she was going through to get planning permission so that we can get lights at the Drumry track.
  9. Emma also advised the committee that Funding of £12k was being put in place to improve club facilities, kit and equipment and that this would be going through West Dumbartonshire.  Emma advised the committe that Alan MacMillian was in the process of sorting out a second container for club kit at the track.
  10. Scottish Cycling are currently running a Trial at Cumbernauld Centurions to increase the number of riders, and that a similar trial would take place at the Titans in the future.
  11. Funding of £1200 had been approved by West Dumbartonship to get 8 coaches through the new BMX pathway, with the Training dates being 13, 20 and 27 November 2023 and then a day at the Titans track on 3 December 2023.
  12. The next item on the agenda was the Loop and Cable, the Secretary argreed to talk to the region about it.
  13. Warren agree to post on the Club Facebook site for sponsorship for Club, and look into getting new Race jerseys.
  14. Karen would look into merchanise for the club, and Amelia mentioned that the Glagow Ridez had a website that sold all sorts of kit with the Ridez logo on.

The meeting was drawn to a close at 19:27.

AGM Tuesday 10 October 2023

Western Titans BMX Club Annual General Meeting

The Western Titans BMX Club Annual General Meeting will be taking place on Tuesday 10 October 2023 at Knightswood BMX Centre from 18:00 to 19:00.


      • Elect / re-elect Chairperson, Treasurer, Secretary and other members of the Committee.
      • Confirm Membership fees for 2024
      • Club Business:
          • Track lighting
          • Storage
          • Timing
          • Club Merchandise
          • Funding
          • Sponsorship
          • New Race Jerseys
      • Any other business

1. Current Club Officials:

Chairperson: Emma Scullion
Vice Chair: Warren Bell
Treasurer: Donna Alexander
Secretary: Fred Crowson
Club Welfare Officers (CWO): Karen Johnstone

2. Current Club Membership fees:

Child £10
Adult £20
Student £15
Family £25

Do we keep them the same for 2024?

3. Any other business